"Resource the Church, Build the Kingdom!"

My vision is to help train Christian leaders and other professional to carry out their calling within their local church or organization as well as around the world.

I’m able to accomplish this in five ways:

I am honored and blessed to serve as:

President of Grace Church of the Valley School of Ministry …

 At Grace Church of the Valley School of Ministry we provide both a local educational environment, as well an international outreach through Individual and groups studies, we provide these studies to churches, ministries, and college around the world.

  • Board member and adjunct professor of Aidan University (Jacksonville, Florida) ….
  • Advisory Board members of International Christian Counseling & Leadership Bible Training Institute (Bremen, Germany) …  
  • Adjunct Instructor at New Life Temple Bible College (Cincinnati, Ohio) …
I’m able to provide Pulpit Supply:
    ·         I believe in simply preaching the Book, the Blood, and The Blessed Hope. We are available to churches within the Greater Cincinnati region, simply e-mail me to discuss details 

I’m available to speak at your church or conference on topics that are relevant to the church:

·         Including but not limited to, Effective Pastoral Ministry, The Man of God he called you to be, how to help those dealing with addiction and grief, and other topics that are relevant to your specific needs.

I also provide training for professional organizations:

·         Including but not limited to police departments, fire departments, colleges, professional drug treatment programs, etc. (I am willing to address these topics from a Professional view as well as a Biblical Worldview for professional Christian agencies). Including topics of Addictions, Grief, Coping with Stress, other topics that maybe needed can also be discussed.

Suicide Prevention
I have partnered with my son Ethan @ the Allen Training School to provide The QPR Gate keepers Suicide Prevention training to churches, business, healthcare professionals, and first responders throughout the Greater Cincinnati, Ohio region.

Please contact me @ for additional information.





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