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The Influence of Mom

    Heading into this weekend, Mother’s Day is of course on my mind. I’m reading in 2nd Timothy 1: 5, “For I am mindful of the sincere faith within you, which first dwelt in your grandmother Lois and your mother Eunice, and I am sure that it is in you as well.”

    I can relate to this passage because growing up, my mother was the spiritual leader of our home. Dad was an amazing individual who taught me so many things just like I am sure Timothy’s dad did. However, the reality is where I am at in ministry after 40 years is due to the influence of three amazing women; my Grandma Argue (maternal), my mom, and the mother of my children and my wife of 35 years (Lee).

    They all have several things in common, and these should be relevant in every mother’s life. three relevant things that these ladies had in common are…

They understood the importance and power of pray.

    I can remember hearing these women praying for their children, Grandma Argue had 12 children, and I would hear her when we were at the house praying for each of them by name. I overheard my mom doing the same as well as Lee, even today, praying for our children.  They all seemed to pray the same thing, first for all their children to know Christ as Savior, then for health, finances, and success in their personal relationships with their spouse and children.

They understood the importance and power of serving Christ and teaching their children to serve him.

    All three of these amazing ladies taught me the need for attending church and being active.  I am sure there were days they did not feel like it, but they all seemed to get the strength to serve him even in the pain, heartache, and struggles of life.  My mom’s philosophy was simple, you could go because you want to, or because you must.  Your going to be active in something at the church, so decide what your doing. 

They understood the importance and power of loving their children unconditionally every day.

    You need to understand that my siblings and I were not saints, and in many cases far from it. We lied, stole, and argued with mom, and yes even used some curse words. However, she was always able to say I love you!

    There is something about mom! It is hard to believe that my mom has been gone for 11 years, and Grandma Argue has been gone for 36 years. However, I still find myself reflecting on the things they taught me like how to pray, how the study the Bible, how to share my faith with others. I find myself reflecting daily on the impact my amazing wife has not only on me as a father, but the impact she has on our children daily.

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