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China and Taiwan a tale of two countries:

           Saw Taiwan and China in the news again and had to say something.


Now I understand most people reading this are already asking the question why this blogpost? Why have a conversation about these two countries?  Because these two countries have a history that may very well bring us (America) to the brink of war.

My interest in the country of Taiwan goes back to 1969 through 1971.  When I lived in Taiwan, my father who was stationed there with the United State Air Force, he was station at what was then called Shu Lin Kou Air Station this small U.S. Air Force base was located high in the mountains on the northern end and western side of the island of Taiwan, and twenty miles west-southwest from the city of Taipei. My family lived in a small community just outside of Taipei called Beitou, it was an amazing place to spend your childhood. 

            While in the country we had a great time playing with the Taiwanese boys that lived across the street, sightseeing with my parents all over the beautiful island, going camping with the Boy Scouts both American and Taiwanese troops, and attempting to learn the language, which I personally failed at miserably.  We also spent a lot time visiting with a number of the missionaries from the United States and attending the churches with both Americans and locals.

Sadly, in the 1970’s after 30 years, of consistent Military, Financial, and Diplomate relations. The United States abandon Taiwan, in attempt to make friends with China.

            Now, I will offend the leaders of China, some very powerful pollical people, as some of America famous celebrities, and personally I’m not really concerned about it. I believe that Taiwan deserves to be its own country, have diplomat relationships with United States, and every other country and a seat at the United Nations. In fact, in my view they should have the permanent seat that China holds. Understand I believe that presidents of both parties failed the Chinses people in both China and Taiwan.

            Why do I call it a tale of two countries, during World War Two men like Mao Tse-tung where ravaging China and taking control of the country and bringing Marxist, and atheism to the country that would be responsible for 48 to 79 million deaths, depending on who you ask. While at the same time Chiang Kai-shek was establishing a democracy that allowed for free elections, free speech, and freedom of religion. When America pulled out of Taiwan, America’s interest at the time was clear even to a teenager, and a billion other people that it was all about show me the money!

          Let’s be clear China has every intention of reclaiming Taiwan, just like they did Hong Kong (which despite the United Kingdom’s willingness not to stand up to China when they came.  At the end of a one hundred year lease, the United Kingdom had with China to control Hong Kong, they along with America and the rest of the world abandoned the people of Hong Kong). However, the reality is Taiwan is not Hong Kong, they have weapons, and they know how to use them. They will draw others into the fight including Japan, the Philippines, Korea and ultimately us.

            I know many of you are still asking why I care?  It’s simple, Taiwan like Korea, and some other countries in the region are the Christian influence of the region. They are the light of hope for a region steep in Communist Atheists for over 70 years, Buddhism, and other Far Eastern Religions.

            It is time for the American church to stand in prayer not just for America and Europe but countries like Taiwan that God will protect them, so that His light will shine throughout the region and the world.  Also, important that we quit listening to the celebrities telling us about how important China is to America and start realizing how important America is to Taiwan and the other nations in the region that need our prayers before we see World War III.

Just some food for thought …


Rev. Don Allen, Jr.


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