Saturday, February 20, 2021

Reflecting on scripture!


          As I read this morning from Mark 2: 1 – 12; I felt a special sense of urgency.  I was reflecting on the types of people we encounter every day in our Christian walk and our churches, just like Jesus did on this day.  Jesus sat in the house (church/meeting place) and was actively involved in teaching those present.

I noticed five types of people present on this day; like with most days Jesus preached.

          One, there was a crowd … These people were there simply to see what was happening, maybe they wanted to see a miracle, or maybe a family member had dragged them to see Jesus. I think about the large crowds that pay good money to go to sporting events, or concerts and often wonder how many are simply there out of obligation to someone.  In the same token I often wonder how many people are in churches and just come out of obligation to parents, spouse, children, or friends and they are simply a part of the crowd.

          Second, there was the Religious people … The Bible tells us the Scribes were present. The religious leaders, scholars, students of the Old Testament and Jewish Law. Their philosophy was like most of the religious leaders of our day (Understand sometimes religious leaders, don’t have to be the pastor, it can be deacons or other people within the church that are convinced God is only going to do it one way).  These guys wanted to argue about Christ healing and saving a person.  They would argue that preachers wear a suit, preach from the right version of the Bible, talk with a certain accent, and Jesus simply laughed at them and rebuked them.

          Third, there was the Sold-Out friends … These guys had attitude, their friend needed a touch from God, and whatever it took to get it they were going to accomplish it today. The Bible said there was no room to get to where Jesus was because of the crowd, so they went on the roof and tore a hole in the roof and lowered their friend down on a cot (the NASB uses the word pallet), right in front of Jesus.  

My pastor Roger Webs states that we often to should spell Faith as “R.I.S.K” sometimes we need to take the risk and step out in Faith and rip the roof off and get people into the presence of God.

  How far would you go to get your family member or friend in front of Jesus, to see their healing or more importantly for them to know Christ as Savior?


Ironically, he got two blessings that day he got healed and was able to walk out with his cot in hand, but he also had an encounter with God that would forever change his destiny and allow him to spend eternity with Christ in heaven. There is a way to get people int0 the church, so that they can receive their healing, and more importantly that they can come to know HIM as Savior.

          Fourth, there was the friend that needed a touch from God … We don’t know how long he had been paralyzed. However, at this point in his life he needs to be touched by Christ. There was nothing he could do on his own, I’m sure he had seen all the doctors in town, he felt it was hopeless until he heard Jesus was in town, and he was able to get his friends to help.

Fifth, and most importantly Christ was in the House! … Let me ask the question to pastors and religious leaders, is Christ allowed in your service today?  Sadly, I know pastors and church members are more worried about not offending people, or sharing a message of positive thinking, encouraging thought, or a modern-day history lesson than introducing people to Jesus.

          Folks, it is time for the Church to stand up and allow Christ to take His rightful place in His House. We need pastors and religious leaders to Preach Christ high and lifted up, for members to get so excited that they will go out of their way to get people in the church, so they can receive their healing, and more importantly that they can come to know HIM as Savior.

The question is simple …. Which one the four are you (we know we can’t be Christ). However, every one that reads this blog post is one of the four. Are you just a part of the Crowd with no real interest, are you a religious leader that knows of Christ but never had a personal encounter, are you the individual that needs a personal touch from Christ and to come to know HIM as Savior, or are you the friends that are Sold-Out and willing step out in faith and take the RISK to impact your friends, and family life with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.



Reflecting on scripture!

            As I read this morning from Mark 2: 1 – 12; I felt a special sense of urgency.   I was reflecting on the types of people we en...