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Reflecting on Scripture!

            As I read this morning from Mark 2: 1 – 12; I felt a special sense of urgency.   I was reflecting on the types of people we encounter every day in our Christian walk and our churches, just like Jesus did on this day.   Jesus sat in the house (church/meeting place) and was actively involved in teaching those present. I noticed five types of people present on this day; like with most days Jesus preached.           One, there was a crowd … These people were there simply to see what was happening, maybe they wanted to see a miracle, or maybe a family member had dragged them to see Jesus. I think about the large crowds that pay good money to go to sporting events, or concerts and often wonder how many are simply there out of obligation to someone.   In the same token I often wonder how many people are in churches and just come out of obligation to parents, spouse, children, or friends and they are simply a part of the crowd.           Second, there was the Religious pe