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Reflections on the Capitol Attack

January 6, 2021 will ultimately go down as one of the saddest days in American History! The reason will vary depending on who you ask. Some will say it is because of the defiance of an American President, others will   say it is because of the outcome of a stolen election, still others will say because it is the beginning of the Socialist takeover of America. However, the reality is that when a group of thugs overrun the Capital building in the name of protest, we have stepped into a place in history that sadly will live on for decades. It is heart breaking that people were hurt, a young lady was killed , and people lived through the fear of this event.   Justice must be carried out, every person involved must be prosecuted. The reality is, we must STOP the madness! Most importantly, it is time for the Church to do what it does best, step up to its rightful place in America and become the Great Healer. It is time for the Church, first and foremost, to unite in PRAYER for the nex

Let’s be Very Clear!

 Let’s be very clear! I would be writing these words if the Representative of the House or Senate was a Republican or Democrat. When it comes to the Word of God, I’m not interested in party affiliation. I’m interested in truth. We recently had a member of the House of Representative use the terms “Amen” and “Awomen” to close out a prayer at a session of Congress. The gentlemen who is an Ordained United Methodist pastor with a Master of Divinity degree from a prestigious seminary. However, he appeared to miss the first-year course how to translate from the original language to English. The word in the Hebrew is “ אָמֵן ʼâmên, aw-mane' ; which simply translated according to Strong’s Concordance “verily, truly, amen, so be it .” This blatant attempt to appeal to a specific group of individuals around the world by this gentleman (please understand I don’t know him personally) I’m only challenging his miss use of a word from scripture, and his theology.   Prior to his closing that