Tuesday, June 2, 2020

Time for the church to stand!

            In the mist of Chaos is when God work’s best! And believe America is in the mist of chaos. From a pandemic that has killed thousands, to finical struggles that is crippling the America, to riots throughout the country.

            Nobody in his or her right mind believes that these events are not real, and action needs to be taken. However, the only solution is an Old Fashion Holy Ghost God shaking revival.  We are not going to change these events by changing Congress, the President, Governors, or Mayors. We are not going to change these events with investigations, new laws, or name calling. They will only change when the Church stands up and does what it was called to do. 

            God is not interested in the name on your church building, your denominational affiliation, your cultural back, if we are Urban or Rural, the amount in you’re a bank account, the number of people you feed last week, or if you preached in your building this week or from home on Facebook. I believe that God is only interested in one thing … Are you talking about Him and his Love!

            Preachers across the country have gotten to the point they are more worried about preaching on finical security, being successful, and being liked by the community than on what Christ did at the Cross. Let’s be clear what happen in Minneapolis with the Cop and George Floyd was wrong and is SIN condemned in the 10 commandments by God. However, burning down someone’s business, school, church or home is SIN as well, pulling someone from their car and beating them is SIN.

            Honestly pastors I’m scared to death, because I believe judgment is not just coming on America, I believe it coming on us as Pastors and preachers as well …   When Paul wrote that famous quoted words in Romans 1: 16 (NKJV) “For, I am not ashamed of the gospel of Christ, for it is the power of God to salvation for everyone who believes, the Jew first and also the Greek”

You ask what makes me scared is my belief that today? The feeling that 90% (this my number from my observation) of the Pastors, Preachers, Evangelist, and missionaries in America can’t say this verse and mean it with a straight face.

            I believed three things most happen ASAP if not we will never see America survive. As a 60-year-old white male that has been preaching and teaching for over 40 years, and someone that call his best friend brother and my children call him uncle (who is an African American Pastor) I have been privileged to preach churches that go across the racial divide throughout my 40 years of ministry. No matter the make up of the church, all white, all black, all Latino, or culturally diversity, it is time for the church and most importantly their Pastors to have one voice of GOD! We must do 3 things!

1.     Pastors, preachers, evangelist, and missionaries must stand up and preach the Gospel of Christ love to every individual.

2.     Pastors, preachers, evangelist, and missionaries must stand up and preach that SIN is SIN, and quite justifying sin because is done by a certain group of people.

3.     It is time for the Pastors, preachers, evangelist, and missionaries to take our place in the mist of this chaos, pandemic, social unrest, hate, and destructive behavior and stand of and declare Christ is the Answer!

The only way this happens is when we as Pastors, preachers, evangelist, and missionaries, quite allowing the politicians, rioters, and news media to dictate the message. We have the message and it has not changed in 2000 years of hope, love, and healing.  Then and only then will we see a Real Revival, Healing of Racism and Social Justice and a Holy Ghost Move of God!


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