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What do I need to know to help preach the scripture?

When I was a young minister, my pastor Dr. James Lougheed at the Flint Baptist Temple (Burton, Michigan) would remind me all the time that 90% of the time you spend studying, reading and preparing the message, and the other 10% you spend in the pulpit having fun.   As Pastors, Associate, Youth Pastors, Bible teachers, and college professors it is important that we dig deep (become scholars/students of the word) into the word of God personally, before going into the pulpit or classroom to preach or teach! Pastors, I found an outline in some old notes in my office, I have no idea who shared them originally, so I took the liberty to use them and added a few thoughts of my own. What? So What? And Now What? What do I need to know personally to understand a book or passage of the Bible? 1)     Who wrote the book? 2)     To whom was it written? (was it an individual?   or was it to a church?) 3)     When was it written? 4)     Why did the author write the letter or


The COVID-19 has swept across the globe causing fear like I have not seen in my lifetime. I understand that much of the fear is a result of constant updates from the government, medical professionals, and the opinions of the news reporters. As I spoke to the patients at the psychiatric hospitals in chapel this past weekend I shared simply that God is not about the Fear Factor , God is about challenging us to take care of ourselves physically, emotionally, and spiritually. We have gotten good at taking care of ourselves physically we are able to self-quarantine if needed, wash our hands a hundred times a day, stay six feet from other people, don’t shake hands, and use gallons of hand sanitizer. However, the reality is that we are not as good with the other two. When it comes the Emotional part, I always go to Philippians 4:6 in the Christian Standard Version that reads “Don’t worry about anything, but in everything   through prayer and petition with thanksgiving, let your