Saturday, December 8, 2018

Top 10 websites to help prepare a message!

I personally find it so ironic when an individual has a “Doctorate” so many people want your opinion on books to read, speakers to listen to, and websites to visit. I continue to get asked these questions, I’m not sure how having an earned PhD makes me any smarter that the Pastor down the street that has been ministry longer than I have.

However, I will attempt to help individuals to tap in resources that will help them in their Christian Walk and Study of God’s Word.  Recently, one of my students at Grace Church of the Valley School of Ministry asked “What are the top research websites you use to prepare a message or Bible teaching.

So, I have combined the list of my top 10, some you will agree with some you will not. However, the goal is to provide relevant information to everyone seeking to study and share God’s word.

       Christian Classics Ethereal Library @

       This is one the first places I go to find great information.

       Bible Gateway @

       Great site for comparing various translations of scripture.

       Bible Study Tools @

       This site has access to some great translation of the Bible as well commentaries and concordances.

       Study Light @

       This site has access to some great translation of the Bible as well commentaries and concordances.

       Logos Bible Software @

       Full-disclosure here …I currently have on my computer LBS free version, and find it helpful at times.  However, I find most things required to purchased I can find other places free. 

       This is a great site with some awesome resources as well.

       International Standard Bible Encyclopedia (ISBE) @

Please understand the websites listed below may be controsvial to many. However, I have found them helpful in understanding the historical and even customs of the Bible, as well understanding the Early Church.

       The New Advent: The Catholic Encyclopedia @

        Jewish Encyclopedia @

       Jewish Virtual Library @

I pray that you find the list helpful in your study of the scripture and in sharing your faith and walk with Christ.

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