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Men at the Manger

This post was originally published on this blog in December of 2011 and I republished it in 2013 and I believe the message is still relevant today:                 It is always fascinating to me that when we talk about the manger we focus only on two groups of men that came through the little door on that special morning - the Shepard’s and the Wise Men.   Of course we know that Mary and the baby Jesus was there.   However,   I believe that we miss some sufficient men that would influence the course of history by their presents that night. Let’s think about a few men that were around that night, or very close there upon.   The first guy present that night was a man that had already been in the presents of God (the angel of the Lord had visited him), and he has agreed to be the step-father to King of King, Lord of Lords, and the “Great I Am.”   Now,   I don’t know about you but the thought of raising the Son of God would scare me. What if I made a mistake!,   what if I