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Men at the Manger ...

This post was originally published on this blog in December of 2011 and I republished it in 2013 and I believe the message is still relevant today:                 It is always fascinating to me that when we talk about the manger we focus only on two groups of men that came through the little door on that special morning - the Shepard’s and the Wise Men.   Of course we know that Mary and the baby Jesus was there.   However,   I believe that we miss some sufficient men that would influence the course of history by their presents that night. Let’s think about a few men that were around that night, or very close there upon.   The first guy present that night was a man that had already been in the presents of God (the angel of the Lord had visited him), and he has agreed to be the step-father to King of King, Lord of Lords, and the “Great I Am.”   Now,   I don’t know about you but the thought of raising the Son of God would scare me. What if I made a mistake!,   what if I

Top 10 websites to help prepare a message!

I personally find it so ironic when an individual has a “Doctorate” so many people want your opinion on books to read, speakers to listen to, and websites to visit. I continue to get asked these questions, I’m not sure how having an earned PhD makes me any smarter that the Pastor down the street that has been ministry longer than I have. However, I will attempt to help individuals to tap in resources that will help them in their Christian Walk and Study of God’s Word.   Recently, one of my students at Grace Church of the Valley School of Ministry asked “What are the top research websites you use to prepare a message or Bible teaching. So, I have combined the list of my top 10, some you will agree with some you will not. However, the goal is to provide relevant information to everyone seeking to study and share God’s word. •        Christian Classics Ethereal Library @ •        This is one the first places I go to find great information. •        B

My list of top 10 Commentaries:

              I was recently asked by a Student @ Grace Church of the Valley School of Ministry what was my list of top 10 commentaries because she was wanting to update her library.   So, with that challenge I created her a list and thought I would make it available to you as well.               Please keep in mind that I was raised Baptist church and started my formal college education in a Baptist college but would go on to serve in Pentecostal and Non-denominational churches over the past several years. So, my view of commentaries will be a little different than some folks that are locked into denominational lines.    1.        Matthew Henry Commentary on the Whole Bible (This awesome commentary can be found online free at various resources.) 2.        Thru the Bible Commentary , Volumes 1-5: Genesis through Revelation   by J. Vernon McGee 3.        Ancient Christian Commentary on Scripture by Thomas C. Oden, (As a pastor I have found this commentary very rewar