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What is the Role of a Scientist?

In article in the New York Post entitled:  “Turns out all of humanity is related to a single couple” By Marisa Dellatto dated November 24, 2018 (

So back to my title question “What is the Scientist job?” to me it is simple “Prove the Bible right”

In understanding that Evolution is the current held belief of most of society and especially within the scientific, medical, and academic communities. However, it is important to remember that Evolution is a new scientific theory only having been around since the mid-1800’s (157 years since Darwin originally presented his thoughts on the topic).  Over the decade’s individuals have come to believe that because the scientific community has said it, I must believe it is true. 

There have been various attempts to show facts that contradict the concept of evolution taught by Science teachers both with High Schools and Colleges and Universities.  However, the Evolution’s and others many with an agenda to dismantle Christianity and other religions so that they don’t have to deal with the guilt of sin, shame, and otherwise conviction of sin or hell.

Sadly, the reality is that many within the Church has bought into the Theory of Evolution resulting in the denial of what most just a 150 years ago to belief as fact.   Let me help you understand what Evolution can’t change! And scientist our going continues to prove!

1)     Evolution can’t change that God create Adam and Eve and that every individual that has ever walked on Earth is a decent of these two people.

2)    Evolution can’t change that fact that when they run a DNA test on me it will always come up as a MALE, no changing of my thinking, my outward appearance, or my beliefs is going to change the fact. Let me use a CSI television show analogy:  If they find my body after 2 years in a ditch and run a DNA test it will show a Male in my late 50’s … Nothing will change that.

3)    Evolution doesn’t change the fact that the fetus with the Women from the moment of conception is a living human baby. In fact everytime a doctor uses the Ultra-sound, or other tools he/she see’s a living human being. Evolution has only allowed them to live in the delusional world that it is not human until sometime later. And with the concept of evolution being presented it is Ok to kill the unwanted fetus because it about the “individual choice” not the right choice

4)   Evolution can’t change the fact that Christ was born of the Virgin Mary, though the move of God and that HE (Christ) died on the Cross and arose from the Grave.  The reality is that Evolution is an attempt to replace God with a simple vision “There ain’t no God” … I recently read a noted evolutionist that stated, “Evolution proves God don’t exist because I can’t observe him and see him” Wow what a profound statement, to me that as stupid as me saying there no country of New Zealand because I can’t see it.  (I know it on the map but what does that prove).

Sadly, to many people have bought into the theory of evolution! At some point every individual will find the truth about the topic and realization that God is the Creator and evolution is simply a figment of man’s imagination to help them cope with the unexplained.

For those that are new to my blog post, understand I’m not a Scientist, Chemist, or other profession that would be consider and expert on the topic. However, I’m Christian that has spent the past 40 years comparing the research that continues to be pushed in my face by scientist, new media, medical, and academic communities tell me that what the Bible states is a lie, so that they don’t have address the Big God in the World.  My challenge is to ask these folks to take their research and compare it to every verse of the Bible and see with a Truth really is.

          Oh, Ya thank you to every scientist that continues to try to prove the Bible wrong, you only make our job easier when you fail, and prove it right!

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