Monday, November 12, 2018

What if the Law said NO Preaching?

Every day I get an E-mail blast from Christianity Today sharing Historical events that have changed the course of Church History … 

In the e-blast for today … November 12, 1660: States that

“John Bunyan is arrested for unlicensed preaching and sentenced to prison. While incarcerated, he penned Pilgrim's Progress and Grace Abounding to the Chief of Sinners, the greatest Puritan spiritual autobiography (see issue 11: John Bunyan). ”

I’m scared to be the bearer of bad news, this is coming to America it is simply a matter of when, the question for my pastor friends and those that are considering to be 

What law will stop you from preaching the Gospel and truth of Jesus Christ?

Are you be willing to do go jail time when told it is illegal to share your faith?

We are seeing this happen around the world, and sadly it is only a matter of time in America. The license they are talking about is not the License or Ordination from your local church or denomination it is a Permission/License from the Government … Are you going to let the government tell you what you can preach?

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