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Do We Want Another "Great Awaking?"

In a recent article entitled “The minister no church was big enough to contain” which you can check it out at: Author Bill Federer shares a great observation of one of the Giants of American history and especially of the American Church. When America was still in it infancy, several preachers came from England to preach and set the stage for revival.   The writer recounts the story of a preacher name George Whitefield a man that Benjamin Franklin would make a point of praising Whitefield in his autobiography.   Franklin shared about how he felt this preacher stood with a message from God on his heart and a concern for the loss souls of the world. I’m convinced if we want another Great Awaking, it is going to take Men of God, standing with the message of repentance, conviction of the word of God not man’s culture or lies (Calling what God call’s SIN, call it the same from the pu