Saturday, August 11, 2018

What happened to the Church?

What happened to the Church?

          This question has been in the forefront of my mind for the past several months as I have watched the news, and read articles about how our church has lost its influence.  I grew up in the 70’s and 80’s (I was born in 1960) and throughout my teen years and in my 20’s the churches had an impact on society and yes even the culture.  I remember the Moral Majority, whether you agreed with their position or not affected the political, educational, employment, and yes even the very foundation of our culture, no matter if you were in agreement with them or their political affliction; they were a force to be reckoned with. 

          I remember organizations (especially sports teams) wanting to have games or events on Sunday morning, and churches coming together to stop them.  My high school or local college would have never thought about having their graduation at 10 a.m. on Sunday Morning.  Now I sit in shock, as I hear of Christian parents telling how they spend all day Sunday at a soccer field or other sporting event with their kids. A friend was recently invited to another friend’s daughter’s graduation on a Sunday morning.  I hear of families that go camping every weekend throughout the summer and miss church and then make excuses about how it is ok.

          I’m going to very BLUNT, I believe that we have the problems throughout America and the world, epically around the mass shootings at schools and other places, accusation of sexual misconduct, suicide,  the excess amount of hate and bullying we see in our society because the Church has disappeared from its true calling.  I have spent the past 39 years in some form of Pastoral Ministry, serving as a Pastor, Children’s Pastor, Associate Pastor, and Bible College Instructor. 

I will ask my question again, “What happened to the Church?” 

          The Church has lost its way, we have got tied up in Liberal Theology, Social Justice, Feminist Theology, and yes even into the racism, abortion, and any other thousands of issues that can’t be resolved until the church returns to its True Mission!  I think the church has become a NON-Relevant factor in society, politics, the family, and yes within our own homes because it has focused on all the other things, and what Christ didn’t call the essentials.

          Christ set a clear mandate (At least how I see it) … Win people to Christ, Make Disciples, and Love People!  When and only when we get back to this will we see the world change! 

We will see racism become outdated; we will see hate speech stop; mass shootings or killings like the ones we see every weekend in our communities stop; and when the church and their Pastors come down from their personal soap box and follow the Mandate for the church as set by Christ!  “Bring people to a personal relationship with Christ, discipling in their walk, and Loving people.”  Why? Because the world will see Christ for who He is, and lives will be changed for the better and historically when the church is doing what it is called to do, there is transformation of good in society. 

A friend read this as I was typing it and said, “That is to Blunt” …

The reality is that we have too many Pastors, and church members claiming to do church, but not doing Christ’s Mandate.  Honestly, I’m personally getting tired of hearing hate speeches, racism, shootings, suicides, and all the other things that are consuming our society while the church is sitting on the sideline and does the social club experience and not engage in the solution! 

We want society and people to change! The church has to change first!  It is time to go back to the basics. What is the Mandate?   “Win people to Christ, Make Disciples, and Love People!  When and only when we get back to this will we see the world change “

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