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WOW! It is hard to believe it has been 39 years

                On January 1, 1979 after graduating from High School in December of 1978 I was officially asked to join the staff as an Assistant Youth Minister and College & Career class helper at the church I grew up in. Keeping in mind; I was born-again in April of 1968 (at the age of 8) and Baptized shortly thereafter at the Flint Baptist Temple in Burton, Michigan and was called to preach while attending youth camp at 13 years old. I began to teach my first Sunday school class at 15 years old (a group of 5 year olds).  Therefore, when the opportunity to serve on staff part-time came it was a no brainer.

                To make a long story short: It has been 39 years and I have never looked back, never doubted the call, and never stopped loving ministry. I have been blessed to have so many different experiences in my ministry some very exciting, some were very boring, but all rewarding in that fact that God gave me the privilege to serve HIM.  Someone once asked a friend of ours, what has Don done in Ministry? This friend’s reply I think summed up my ministry!  “Been there done that” … I have been blessed to serve/minister as a Pastor, Children’s Pastor, Men’s Ministry Leader, Bus Ministry Director, Visitation Pastor, Youth Pastor, Sunday School Teacher, Assistant Pastor, College Instructor (both in the classroom and directive study programs) some of these were for short periods of times, some for years.  He has allowed me to write articles, workbooks/study-guides, books, and curriculum. However, one thing is for sure all of these experiences and opportunities helped make me who I am today.

                I am so thank full that in 1985 God allowed me to meet an awesome woman, that would marry me a few months later and would walkout the journey of ministry with me for the past 32 years come February. She has been the balance to my sometimes-unrealistic dreams, and the encouragement in times of frustration and discouragement. We together have seen the good, the bad, and yes even the ugly of ministry.  However, together we have seen the faithfulness of Christ in our lives and even in the lives of our Children as they began to carry on the legacy of ministry.  

                As I enter my 39th year of ministry, I realize that I have accomplished so much from great ministry opportunities, to some major educational accomplishments. However, the realization today as I reflect on the past and look towards the future is “The Best is yet to come”.

                I have no clue what God has planned, I can dream and have visions of what he will allow me to accomplish in the next 39 years if he allows me to have good health and he doesn’t return to get us right away. However, the reality is simple I want to be faithful in God’s place, at God’s time, doing God’s ministry.  He currently has my focus on teaching within the college setting, providing workshops and training, as well as preaching on occasions.

                I can only say! Thank you Lord for allowing me to serve you, and minister into the lives of 1000’s of individuals over the past 39 years.  If I had my wish I would do ministry full-time every day, but God has chosen for now that I work a full-time job, but it is His plan and purpose not mine. I can only pray and hope that over the coming years that he counts me worthy of severing HIM!

                Thank you God for an awesome life!
If I can be of blessing please feel free to let me know!

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