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WOW! It is hard to believe it has been 39 years

                On January 1, 1979 after graduating from High School in December of 1978 I was officially asked to join the staff as an Assistant Youth Minister and College & Career class helper at the church I grew up in. Keeping in mind; I was born-again in April of 1968 (at the age of 8) and Baptized shortly thereafter at the Flint Baptist Temple in Burton, Michigan and was called to preach while attending youth camp at 13 years old. I began to teach my first Sunday school class at 15 years old (a group of 5 year olds).   Therefore, when the opportunity to serve on staff part-time came it was a no brainer.                 To make a long story short: It has been 39 years and I have never looked back, never doubted the call, and never stopped loving ministry. I have been blessed to have so many different experiences in my ministry some very exciting, some were very boring, but all rewarding in that fact that God gave me the privilege to serve HIM.   Someone once asked a frien