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Addiction: I’m the pastor it won’t happen to me:

Addiction: I’m the pastor it won’t happen to me:             I was reading “The Christian Post” today and they reported that on December 15, 2017   Rev. Darick Favors of Full Gospel Tabernacle Church in Dallas, Texas was found dead of an apparent “Overdose” (I use the word apparent overdose, because the actual cause of death has not been announced).   Pastor Favor was only 42 years of age.             I am not going to assume to know anything about Pastor Favors life, his experiences as a youth, his history of surgeries, if he was addicted to Opiates, Cocaine, or liked to drink in excess, or what would lead him to check into a hotel and use drugs, that resulted in his death.   However, I do have a fair understanding of addiction after nearly 25 years in the field as an alcohol and drug counselor, having worked in both the Christian Based recovery community, and secular agencies.   Over the years I have learned a couple of things that I believe Pastors need to learn, whethe

Sad reality within the church~

The impact of Suicide, even within our churches today!             Reports have emerged that Pastor Bill Lenz who was founder and longtime senior pastor of Christ the Rock Community Church in Harrison, WI died Monday by committing Suicide.   Bill was a strong advocate within the Christian community for Suicide Prevention, and along with his brother created Life Promotions, that ministers and teaches folks about Suicide Prevention and how to recover from those thoughts.             Reports that I have read have stated that Pastor Lenz reported suffering with Anxiety,   Panic Attacks, and Depression for about three months, and his staff and board responded by providing support and encouragement including giving him time to seek counseling and treatment.   However, the depression became overwhelming and on Monday, he chose to take his own life.    My prayers are with his family, friends, staff, and members of his church.   Having provided Suicide Prevention training to staff

Free Advise to the Opiate Czar:

If I could give some FREE ADVICE to the newly appointed Opiate Czar:             With the White House’s recent announcement that President Trump is considering appointing Kellyanne Conway as Opiate Czar as some are reporting, or if she is simply the point person to help direct the Presidents policy on the Opiate Epidemic in America. If I were given the opportunity to sit down with her, I would share the following advice! Remember the numbers keep rising according to the CDC:   The National Center for Health Statistics estimated 52,898 Opiate overdose related deaths in 2016 (these numbers are not conclusive due to all the data not being in) and it is a good possibility that this number could rise.   Some health care professionals and those in Law Enforcement are reporting these numbers could top 70,000 in 2017! What should be the government policy or agenda as I see it! 1)       Treatment for those that are abusing Opiates, either prescribed by a doctor or drugs such as