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Can I really believe Racism is OK and be a Christian?

In the New King James Version Acts 17: 26 reads: “And He has made from one blood every nation of men to dwell on all the face of the earth, and has determined their pre-appointed times and the boundaries of their dwellings and the same verse is translated in the New Living Translation: From one man he created all the nations throughout the whole earth. He decided beforehand when they should rise and fall, and he determined their boundaries.”

As I reflect on the racism tearing our town, cities, states, and country apart I’m reminded of the Christ sitting at the well drinking water with the A Samaritan Woman, now if there was ever a situation where Christ could have shown true racism it is within the context of this passage in John 4: 5 – 42, she was a Samaritan: 

The dictionary gives the definition as “a member of a people inhabiting Samaria in biblical times, or of the modern community in the region of Nablus claiming descent from them, adhering to a form of Judaism accepting only its own ancient version of the Pentateuch as Scripture.”  The hatred between the two groups of people goes back over hundreds of years, and had boiled on occasions into fierce and bloody disputes.  As Christ sat there on the well he knew the history better than anyone else. However, despite this he choose to stay and drink from the well, in Samaria, from water drawn by a Samarian women that had five husbands (divorced) and was living with another guy.

Notice with me a couple of things in the passage:

1.      Christ didn’t acknowledge her challenge about Racism (You’re a Jew, and you don’t talk to people from Samaria).

2.      He talked about the needs, she needed a relationship with Christ (PERIOD)

3.      He ministered to her and all she knew

My brother by different mother (I.e. my Best Friend outside of my wife) is an African American pastor in Cincinnati.  We have spent hours talking and sharing our hearts, outside of my wife there is no one that knows more about me than Robert. See it is now about the Skin color, it is not about where we grew up, and it sure is now about what others say.  Racism is taught, then it is caught, and then shoved down people throats!

We want to stop the Race War in America we need to quite teaching it.  Let me be clear that is on both side of the tracks.  I deploy what has recently been happening I think the KKK, and Nero-Nazism is a joke, and a group of cowards that most likely have a mental illness called stupidity.  However, I also believe that there are folks within the Black, Latino, Asian and other communities that have the same hatred for other races.  I grew up as a Military brat, and with that I grew up on Air Forces Bases. On an Air Force base as a kid a least the way my dad and mom taught I didn’t see black, white, or yellow people I saw Blue and Tan uniforms.  Any disrespect was not allowed of anyone.

When my dad retired when I was 13 years old we moved to Flint, Michigan less than 60 miles from Detroit a rascal hotbed at times during the 70’s and 80’s.  We moved into a racially diverse neighborhood, I attended a high school that was over 70% African-American several of my good friends where black, and functioned through life realizing that Racism is a state of mind not a fact of life.

  Have blacks done bad things to me? Yes. However, so have white people! Do I hate either one, I’m going to take a bat and hurt them, go into their neighborhood and smash windows, drive a car into a crowd of people or set their business or home on fire? The answer is NO!

Back to my original question “Can you believe Racism is Ok and be a Christian”  Truth be told only God knows that answer.  However, when I look at Galatians 5: 17 – 21 and read this list of Sins of the Flesh … I think God is clear when he uses the word “Hatred” we find it comes from the Greek word “échthra, ekh'-thrah;” which is also translated as enmity is in the scripture which means to be: hostility; by implication, a reason for opposition:

If I want to be in the perfect will of God I cannot be a Racist against anyone, because God didn’t make white, black, yellow or red.  He made one race and based where our ancestors lived  and the sun, weather our body adapted a coloring to help us survive (You may not agree with my understanding of how we got our colors, but I know for sure that Adam and Eve were one color and NO I don’t have a clue nor do I care what shade of skin they had.  When I have lunch with my brother Robert, it is about friendship and relationship.

WE WANT TO STOP THE RACISM IN AMERICA … It is time for the church to focus not on the differences it has but about the similarities that we have “I.e … A NEED FOR A RELATIONSHIP WITH CHRIST” remember in John 5, the Samaritan women went back into town and got her ex-husbands and all her friends and Christ said the “Fields are white unto harvest”  … Christ never saw a Samaritan women, or a group of Samaritan men coming out of the village, he only saw individuals that needed a personal relationship with him!

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