Saturday, August 29, 2015

Tribute to a friend gone to soon:

Tribute to a friend gone to soon: On Thursday August 27, 2015 a Friend, Mentor, and Editor of mine passed away. JOHN (OR AS I KNEW HIM CHARLEY) SROUFE, he was a friend from the day I first met him at Summit Behavioral Healthcare, in November 2004 and that friendship continued from that day until a phone call just days before his passing.  He was that great friend that you would love to run out for lunch and sit at a local park in the old Bronco or truck, and eat, plus my wife was even given the privilege of joining his family for his retirement party from SBH. As a mentor he was there to help with questions about being a substance abuse counselor, or challenge you for that next big project. However, most would not think of his greatest impact was as an awesome editor, of the current 67 workbooks published by Through HIM Ministries Charley edited over 35 of them, this is not including dozens of blogpost, articles, and other projects that came to my mind.

Charley my friend, mentor and editor although we didn’t see eye to eye on politics and religion, but we did agree on encouraging each other to be a great father, an awesome counselor, and challenges each to accomplish the goals that we set. Thank you my friend for the awesome friendship! 

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