Wednesday, July 8, 2015

What have you been displaying lately?

I recently pulled out an old box in the garage that has been in storage way too long. It is a chess set and board that my parents made me over 25 years ago. Mom hand painted the ceramic pieces and Dad made the chess board.  It seemed like every time we moved I had good intentions to pull it out and display it. However, there always seem to be things standing in the way, either there was no room in the apartment, too many kids running around, or just didn’t fit with the d├ęcor of the house at the time.

Last night my wife and I found a place for it in the living room, where everybody that comes in the house can see it. I’m so excited for the opportunity to talk about it, and share the story. However, as I looked around I saw my Bible sitting on the kitchen table under by datebook, phone, and keys. I realized that I was more excited about telling people about my Chess board and pieces than I was about sharing the awesome message contained within the Word of God.

I guess the question today for me and everybody else is simple, what is it that you are excited to talk about.  Is it the chess board on the bookshelves, the picture on the wall, the new phone you just got, or maybe the new app you bought.  I wonder what God would think is the most important thing for us to talk about.  I would guess (or really I know) it is simple … HE WANTS US TO SHARE ABOUT HIM, SO THAT OUR FRIENDS AND FAMILY CAN SPEND ETERNITY IN HEAVEN WITH HIM AND US. 

Here is my thought on the Gay Marriage issue!

               It is time that the church gets out of the business of being a puppet of the state. As a minister I believe that if the state wants to issue marriage license for the purpose of tax status, social security, benefits, and etc., then they should be the ones’ held accountable before God.

My proposal is simple …. When a couple goes to the Court House to get their marriage license and signs all the documentation in front of the person behind the counter and swears it all to be true, they are legally married in the states eyes.  Then if the individual wants religious ceremonies they should come to the church or other religious institution for the Blessing of Marriage.  

I compare this to my responsibility as minister of doing funerals of church member. I do not represent the state in saying that the person is dead. My challenge is to support and encourage the family through their time of grief. The Blessing of Marriage ceremony would be the same thing. I am encouraging the family and couple in their time of celebration, with the couple being legally married by the government. However, the church is Blessing the Marriages they approve. If ministers want to bless same-sex marriages, then they like the government, will be held accountable. 

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