Saturday, May 9, 2015

Praise Report and Prayer Request ...

With our current web ministry which we established in 2003 we have seen God bless @ Through HIM Ministries!

       We currently maintain two blogs
With over 10,500 views
With People viewing from 72 countries
    We have established
  Through HIM School of Ministry 
with four courses currently online.  

 We have published

  64 workbooks/study-guides
With a conservative estimate of over 67,000 download, views, and reads. (Keeping in mind that several of our sites that we have downloaded the material to do not keep records, and we have found several sites that have chosen to download our material to their sites without our permission which ironically includes Nook, which we just say thank you for helping us get the material out there.)

We have received e-mails as well as comments on Facebook and LinkedIn from pastors in United States, South America, Africa, India, Pakistan, Philippines, and other places as well thanking us for the material.

Can you please pray with us and help us expand our web presents by going to our GoFundMe account ... at 

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