Monday, July 14, 2014

A look @ what has been accomplished over the past 11 years!

Through HIM Ministries
A look @ what has been accomplished over the past 11 years!

We founded Through HIM Ministries officially in April of 2003, after returning from New York City working with individuals affected by the events of September 11, 2001.

Since then we have seen God bless and allow us to have the following accomplishments Through HIM!
·         We currently maintain two blogs
o   With over 8700 views
o   With People viewing from 63 countries

·         We have published
o   64 workbooks/study-guides
o   With a conservative estimate of over 60,000 download, views, and reads.
§  Keeping in mind that several of ours sites that we have downloaded the material to do not keep records, and we have found several sites that have chosen to download our material to their sites without our permission. (So be it, we simply say to God be the glory)
o   We have received e-mails as well as comments on Facebook and LinkedIn from pastors in Africa, India, Pakistan, Philippines, and other places as well thanking us for the material.

·         We have presented workshop/seminars
o   Have spoken breakout sessions at men’s conferences such as @ Iron Sharpening Iron, Flashpoint Men’s Conferences.
o   Spoken a several men’s retreats and conferences with local churches.
o   Have spoken professional in conferences on addictions, and grief.
o   Have preached in several dozen churches over the years.

·         Founded Through HIM School of Ministry
o   With three courses currently online

·         Have built an online web connection network
o   With over 7000 connection between Facebook, LinkedIn, and other connections

How can we a blessing to you?

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