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Am I Going to Stand Strong?

The news is full of stories that remind us of the book of Acts were we read several accounts of individuals being persecuted for their faith, and ironically it is almost always done in the name of religion.  History has continued to be full of men and women that have died for their faith, their unwillingness to compromise their belief in God.  Whether it was the Jews of the Old Testament that wouldn’t bow to the idle of the conquering nations, the martyrs in the Roman coliseum, to the Chines or Russian believers in atheistic nations that have turned their back on God, or those that follow the Islamic Shariah laws.  Please don’t misunderstand me, I have read church history and the Christian churches have had their share of bloodshed and persecution to mandate someone to believe in God. Regardless of who is doing the persecuting it is wrong, every individual worldwide should have the choice of accepting or rejecting the Savior Jesus Christ.

I recently read an article on the net, that to be honest did not shock me! Check it out @

For me the question is not if this could happen within the United States, the question is when? I’m not sure if it will be Islamic Shariah laws, the Atheistic Agenda to remove Christianity from American culture like they attempted in China and Russia, or if it will be anyone of a number of influence that will put Christians on a collision course with death.

There is a cop show that has the song “Bad boys, bad boys, what you going to do when they come for you?” … At some point in the not too distant future Christians are going to be considered the BAD BOYS & GIRLS, what are you going to do when they come for you?

There are simply two options:
  1.  Acknowledge Christ and Savior, and live your life for Christ and be punished and in some cases even die for the faith that lives within you. Knowing that as you kneel before persecutors you will kneel before Christ in Heaven with all his glory around you.
  2. Recant, and claim that everything you believed and shared about Christ was a lie.  Reject the eternity of Heaven, the loving touch of Christ, the compassion of Christ at the Cross, the Victory over death at the empty tomb.

It is sad to say but the government, the watch groups, the United Nations, or any other organization around the world that you are trusting in are not going to be able to prevent the coming judgment or persecution in fact if the truth be known most of these including your own government and the United Nations could carry out the agenda of removing the Christian influence and testimony from that vary foundation that we hold dear.
The famous preacher of one of America’s first Mega churches (at one time running over 10,000) in America in the late 1800’s D.L. Moody would say, the thing he feared most was that 50% of his congregation would split Hell wide open. The reality of today is that I would have the same fear.  The church of American has NO FEAR of persecution, no reason to defend their faith. However, the day is coming when REAL Men and Women of Christ will have to stand and proclaim with a loud voice “I’m a Christian until death”
What do we need to do?

·         Pray for those that are being persecuted. PRAY for our leadership around the country that they would stand for the faith they claim they represent. And that Christ will give you the peace and understanding to share your faith daily, so that others will spend eternity with you in heaven.

·         As pastors and member of the Body of Christ what do we need to do? We need to Preach a clear salvation message without comprise, Teach the Body of Christ to defend and share their faith effectively around the world, and encourage the Body of Christ to live a life that is a reflection of what Christ did for them at the day of salvation.

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