Saturday, December 21, 2013

Reflection for the Holidays!

As I sit here this morning reflecting on the Holiday’s, I look around the house and see the tree all decorated, smell the sweet cookies baking, see my wife preparing all of our holiday favorites,  and see my children (even though they are older now) eyeing the treeing and wondering what is under there for them. As we prepare our hearts and minds for church tomorrow (December 21, 2013) I reflect on the message that our pastor will share at Whitewater Crossing Christian Church.  I’m blessed to remember the REAL REASON for the SEASON, The Birth of a MESSIAH that would and has changed the foundation of history and at the same time changed my life forever.

However, I also reflect on others that don’t smell the cookies baking, don’t see the tree all lit up, and don’t have family wishing them Happy Holidays & Merry Christmas. I’m thinking of the patients at the State Mental Health Hospital where I work, the prisons and jails, the emergency shelters, the hospitals across America and the world.  Many of them have been forgotten, left alone on the holidays simply with their memories, wishes, and prayers. I can’t answer to how many need to be where they are due to the crime they committed, or illness they need treatment for.  All I know is that Christ loves them, and ask us to do the same.

But I do know that they deserve our prayers and message of HOPE. Jesus came to a manger to be the lowly of lowly, that he may be King of Kings, and move to the Cross for our Sins.  They need someone to share Merry Christmas with them, and Happy New Year because despite how bad 2013 may have appeared or the struggles you faced, there is a New Year coming with new opportunities to live our life for Christ.  

With all that I challenge you to live for Christ, Show Christ’s love, Share Christ’s Message, and Be Christ’s example to a lost and hurting world. 

 Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

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