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You Can't Remake a Classic

Some things can’t be re-made:
I recently sat down and watched (for the fifth time) the new Wild, Wild West movie with Will Smith. I realized that even after watching it so many times it still is not as good as the original. Have you noticed that Hollywood is in re-make and re-write mode? They are trying to make the classics we grew up with in the 80’s and 90’s new and improved, and in my opinion some things just need to be left alone and accepted as is …
I was thinking recently of all the movie remakes, and realized that the church is no different. We have begun to accept a lot of the world’s philosophy of what church should look like, what the message should sound like, what the view of the Cross should be, and the acceptance of all beliefs.  Churches can and do re-invent themselves. They can change the worship style, or a new pastor may bring a new teaching or preaching style, or they may make the sanctuary more comfortable. Some even may start serving coffee. I’m not talking about the superficial changes.
I’m talking about the church that has begun to change it CORE BELIEFS, and has walked away from the foundational truth of scripture.  Many churches today have begun to accept an all-inclusiveness belief system.  We see this almost daily on television, in newspapers, and through blog post. Pastors make statements such as “Hell does not exist”, “there may be other ways to Heaven”, “are we sure Christ is the only answer?”, or my favor sell-out statement is “are we sure that is what scripture meant?”  The reality is you CANNOT RE-WRITE SCRIPTURE.  It is a fact of life.  As much as you and sometimes even me would like to rewrite parts, the original is still the best.  It is the God inspired foundational truths from Genesis to Revelation, and even those that have added to it, totally re-written it, or even denied its existence as the Word of God will never change that fact!
Remember, as much as the world wanted Will Smith to be James T. West, the actor Robert Conrad will always be the real Mr. West. The same is true in today of the message of Christ. No matter how much someone wants to change the scripture, the original words of God himself will always remain true.
As I grew up in church and heard the message, it was always the same:
·         Jesus Christ is the living, co-equal Son of God (He is and always will be God) … Co-existing part of the Trinity (God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit)
·         Jesus Christ was born of a Virgin
·         He lived a sinless life
·         He willingly went to the Cross at Calvary for my sins (and paid the debt for sin that I, nor anyone else could pay)
·         He conquered death on the third day, as he arose from the grave.
·         He ascended into heaven to sit at the right hand of God the Father, and to be the Judge of my decisions.  He alone will (In HIS all-knowing authority) judge my heart and determine if I spend eternity with HIM in Heaven or separated from him in Hell.
·         Simply, put … without a personal relationship with a Loving Savior named Jesus Christ, and acceptance of what HE did at Calvary, the belief in HIS resurrection, and acknowledgement of these facts, I a person cannot spend eternity in Heaven.

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