Monday, November 11, 2013

From  1969 - 1971 while living with my father who severed in the U. S. Air Force, we lived in Taiwan and went through a couple of major Typhoons, the devastation was unbelievable. My heart is broken today as I hear and read the news that is reporting the death toll in the Philippines could top 10,000. I have several individuals and pastors that I have chatted with from the Philippines on Facebook and LinkedIn over the past several years. Many have reported having great revivals throughout the country; we can only pray that the lives they touched with the Gospel were those that step into eternity this past week.  As I wait to hear from them, I realize there is only three things we can do (1) as a united Church Body we can and must pray (2) give what the Lord lays on our heart to give through the charity of our choice (3) talk about what has happen there in the Philippines with our family and prepare our plan of action in case we ever face similar tragedy.

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