Thursday, October 10, 2013

A REAL MAN can wear a U of M Jersey, even in Ohio!

A REAL MAN can wear a University of Michigan

Jersey, even in Ohio!

            Before you believe this is an off the cuff statement, you need to understand I grew up in Flint, Michigan and I have never cheered for another team except the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor. I get excited when Michigan State, Western, Central, or Eastern Michigan do well, but for me it comes down to “MICHIGAN WINNING IT ALL”. This applies not only to Football (which I love to watch), but also basketball and the other dozens of other sports they have at U of M.

            The rivalry between the University of Michigan and Ohio State is so intense that it actually sometimes feels like it carries over into other parts of any individual life. The color of clothes you wear, the places you go, the people you hang out with, and what you are willing to talk about. I have heard of fan’s be attacked outside of the stadium at both Ohio State and U of M for wearing their teams colors in the wrong town, they have been cussed out, and have even heard of cars being spray painted if they had the other teams decal on it.

            Now you ask what does this have to do with “BEING A REAL CHRISTIAN.” A lot actually, as I believe that it is ok for me to wear my U of M jersey in Ohio (and if you hang out with me for more than a couple of days you will see me in either my polo, jersey, or hoodie), I believe it is ok for my express my love for CHRIST in the same way. However, there are others that would disagree, and take offense to it just like some the people I know take offense to my U of M wardrobe.

            What makes you a Real Christian!

  1. Personal relationship with Christ
  2. Prayer time (not a spare tire religion)
  3. Reading the Play Book (THE BIBLE)
  4. Listening to the Coach and other leaders on the side line (God the Father, Jesus, and Holy Spirit)
  5. Being a participant in the game (yes even fans can be a participants in the game. They can jeer, shout, and they praise the players. In other words encourage those on the field.

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