Monday, September 16, 2013

My Thoughts on the shooting today, September 16, 2013

Another shooting, another group of innocent men and women’s lives cut short, another group of police officers and first responders having to deal with the unspeakable.  As I am writing this blog the reports are 12 dead, 12 families ripped apart, 12 victims that at the present time seem to have no connection to their attacker. 
I realize it is early and the police, the military and the FBI will all be looking for answers and we pray they find them. However, there are 12 families looking for answers today and they are not going to find it in the police reports, they are not going to find them in the news reports, they are going to have to look within their heart and mind and seek the loving arms of God. It is in times like these that all the words of the friends, pastors, president, and a nation bring no real peace. It is in the heart of the individual remembering their loved one for who they shared their life with and the joy they brought to their life.

As pastors we never know how we will respond when a tragedy like this hits close to home in our community, we can only pray that we can stand faithful, share with compassion, speak the truth in love, and sincerely make an impact by being the witness Christ would have us to be.  I always find myself searching my own heart as a pastor and pastoral counselor in times like these wondering what I would say.

The three things that jump out to me are:

  1. I’m here to listen to you share (tallk)!
  2. I’m here to hold your hand, and let you cry on my shoulder!
  3.  I’m here to show you the love of Christ during your time of sorrow.
And lastly, I would want to have a prayer in my heart that God gives me the refreshing use of his word to help them walk through the horror they face, the sadness, and the knowledge of knowing my loving God who like he helped Job, go through the losses they will come to understand “Our God is sufficient even in this”.

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