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I recently received the following message from a gentleman that I’m friends with on LinkedIn, as I read it I was so blessed I e-mailed Pastor Isiaka who is the  NATIONAL CORDINATOR at The Redeemed Christian Church of God in Leicester, United Kingdom asked permission to post it here on our blog site. I pray you are blessed like I was:

 The Quitter Will Not Win! The Winner Will Not Quit!

  "And Elisha sent a messenger unto him, saying, Go and Wash in Jordan seven times,
 and thy flesh shall come again to thee, and thou shalt be clean"! (2 Kings 5 vs 10).

 When Naaman went to Elisha for healing!
 He was instructed to go and wash in Jordan seven times!
 He was instructed to do the same thing seven times!
 God's instruction to Naaman was devoid of variety!
 It was monotonous and totally uninteresting!
 God's Pathway to Naaman's miracle involved doing one thing over and over again!
 It would have seemed boring to Naaman and to anyone who watched him dip himself in Jordan seven times!

  Notice that the same thing that looked monotonous eventually brought Naaman's miracle!
 The same Procedure that looked uninteresting eventually led to Naaman's healing!
 The same thing that would have seemed unproductive for six consecutive times!
 Eventually yielded result the seventh time! Never give up!
 Should Naaman had given up at the sixth time!
 He would have gone back a leper!
 Failure at the edge of success will never be your portion!

  Beloved, Isn't it true that sometimes, the things that will lead to our desired results often seem monotonous?

 It often seems monotonous to pray repeatedly!
 It often seems monotonous to study God's Word repeatedly!
 It often seems monotonous to live a righteous life everyday!
 It often seems monotonous to believe God by faith everyday!
 It often seems monotonous to go out for evangelism! Choir practice! Bible Study! Prayer Meetings every-week!

 Today, God says your efforts may seem monotonous!
 But they will bring results if you don't quit!
 You may have done the right thing repeatedly, yet without results!
 God says, don't quit, something great is coming your way!
 You may have made efforts to improve your career, and it seems the results are not forthcoming!
 You may have made efforts to improve your ministry, and it seems the results are not forthcoming!
 You may have made efforts to improve your business, and it seems the results are not forthcoming!
You may have made efforts to improve your family and it seems the results are not forthcoming!
 Don't lose faith! BE CONSISTENT! Don't lose FOCUS!

  Beloved, once you don't quit, be sure there is a massive harvest just by the door!

 Dearest of the Lord, DON'T QUIT NOW!

 You have come too far from where you started from!
 The Good news is already by the corner! Don't Quit1
 The Quitter will not Win! The Winner will not Quit!

  Pray with me,"Lord, I receive your Word, I won't quit. Grant me more Grace for Consistency"!


 Let Somebody Shout Hallelujah!

  THE FATHER'S BLESSING:"I Pray for you today, Failure at the edge of success will not be your portion! You will never quit your post prematurely before you reach your goal! You are on the winning side, you will not lose your trophy! All your efforts shall yield your desired result! You shall be celebrated! You shall be honoured both on earth and in heaven! Your situation is not your destination! No matter how hard it looks God will never give up on you! God is in the business of restoring hopes, your hopes will not be dashed! Everyone of your broken dreams shall God restore! He will restore every wounded spirit and hopeless live around you! He will restore what you have lost! God's favour is UPON YOU! KEEP MOVING FORWARD! DON'T QUIT! No matter how dark your life looks, with Jesus your future is bright! Our God is a God of restoration. There is nothing beyond His power of restoration. God can forgive and God can take a broken vessel: remake and refashion all over again! Today, Open your heart for God's healing! Have the courage to TRUST IN GOD! I decree upon your life that every disappointment shall turn into an appointment with divine appointment and a blessing to you! Let all your stolen blessings be restored to you in a thousand fold! From now on your blessings will become irreversible in Jesus name! (Amen)!

 Emmanuel=GOD With Us!


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