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Pastors and the DSM-5"

The recent announcement that the new Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders 5 (DSM-5) will be available in May of this year (2013) has led to a renewal of the debate of how Christians Counselors and pastors use resources such as the DSM-5. The original DSM was published in 1952, and there have been a number of revisions until we have reached the point of having the 5 th edition coming this year.   I’m generally amazed at the number of pastors that criticize the DSM-5 (or its previous editions), and have a very negative view of the book. However, what even amazes me more is how many of these same pastors that criticize it, have never read it (or even read a single page out of it). I have been involved as a Pastoral Counselor & Alcohol Drug Counselor for over 23 years, and have read the DSM-III, DSM-IV, and the DSM-IV TR, and I’m looking forward to reading the DSM-5, to see how that I can better help the individuals I counsel not only with my professional practice,

The Sad Reality of the Church

This past weekend brought the sad news for from one of the great preachers/pastor of our era.   It was announced that Pastor Rick Warren of Saddleback Community Church, one Americas largest churches, son Matthew committed Suicide this past week.   As with anytime we receive news like this our heart breaks for the family and friends. There are no words that can be used to help the family and friends to grasp the since the loss they are feeling, It is through the loving spirit of Christ and the support of family and friends that we can. The ability to move forward and the tender embraces of Christ love gives us solace in the thoughts of knowing we will see this loved one again sitting with Christ.   With the joy unspeakable, that they struggled to obtain here on earth. Over the weekend I was amazed at the comment’s I read, most were supportive and encouraging, and individuals shared their condolences. However, I will say a few were inappropriate at the time like this.   These inappr