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This post was orginally published in Feb of 2011 on this blog site. However, I feel it is as relevant today as then and have reposted it for you today .... Every sermon should be running for the Cross! Having been involved with Pastoral Ministry for over 30 years it is hard to imagine doing anything else with the same intensity and compassion. Over the years I have worked a Substance Abuse Counselor with various agency in order to subsidies my income, but the compassion and love that I have for ministry over shadows my thinking of which I love more. When God called me with a very clear heart felt call at the age of 13 years old, I never looked back preaching and ministry was all I could focus on. My pastor as I grew up was Dr. Don Lougheed at the Flint Baptist Temple, in Burton, Michigan: His statement to all us preacher’s boys was: “No matter where you start in the Bible in Genesis 11:1, Psalm 23, or Luke 10 your only priority is to run for the Cross!” Dr. Don said

Pastoral self-care in times of Crisis:

                My heart went out to the families and friends in a neighboring community this past weekend which was dealing with the loss of three teenagers in a tragic car accident.   The crash is still under investigation and all the details are not known. However, the devastation for the family and friends of this small community is going to be felt for years to come.                 As I thought about this small town crisis, my heart broke for the man of God within our denomination that would minister to these families. At least of one the children killed was a member of his church, and the others were friends of the teenager so he may even have known them as well. He will be called upon to provide emotional support, pastoral care, and answers to all the theological questions of the families in a time of crisis, mainly “WHY”                 The pastor will be challenged to work with family members at different points in the stages of grief, and keep it all straight in hi