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Can we do Drug Education in Children's Church

Can we do drug education in Children’s Church and still be Biblical? This article (blog) was originally written back in 2007, and published on an old Blog I had. For over seven years my wife and I served as Children’s Pastor of Kids View Children’s Ministries, Milford Assembly of God, Milford Ohio.    And because of background in Substance Abuse I was asked the question more than once, and I wrote this reply. Hope it helps.             Can we do drug education in Children’s Church and still be Biblical ? This past week I was asked this question by a Children’s worker that has been teaching in a local church for several years.   She shared that one of the children in Children’s Church had shared that some of her friends offered her drugs at school.   And she asked the teacher what should I do?               The teacher shared how she felt inadequate to share on this subject.   She said “I’m not sure if my pastor would approve of my teaching on the subject, and besides t

Pastoral Care is an act of worship!

Pastoral Care is an act of worship. As pastors and ministers of the gospel we are called upon to provide pastoral care in many different ways. We are called to visit in the hospitals those that are sick, preparing for surgery, being institutionalize in mental hospital, or suffering long term illness in a nursing home. We are asked to provide counseling for couples seeking to get married, marriages that are on the verge of divorce, and for families struggling with a difficult teen. We may be asked to visit in the jail or prison to those that have been found guilty of a crime. We are even at time called upon at times of crisis, such as the death of a loved one, a massive disaster, and etc. However, in all these situations we need to exam OUR (as pastors/pastoral care providers) motives. I believe that Pastoral Care requires us to incorporate five specific things in order to meet the needs of the members of our church, and those that come to us for help. 1.        Provide an opportun