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Challenging my think for 2013!

As pastors, changing how we THINK and ACT is critical to our being successful in LIFE and MINISTRY! It is our thoughts, beliefs, and attitude – not what happens around us, that cause us to feel a certain way or to do certain things.   The goal of this blog post is help each reader and myself look at our current life and ministry situation and develop an understanding of the causes and objectives for change as we approach the new year. These are the Simple Questions I’m asking myself this year, and as I move into 2013. 1.                   Do I personally feel that spiritually and practically I’m where God wants me to be in my ministry? 2.                   What has happened in my life to bring me to this point of my life and ministry? 3.                   What problems have I had that were the direct result of my personal attitude, choices, or poor decision making? 4.                   What issues do I feel have been the result of a poor prayer life or lack of prayer

Thoughts about the churches response to the next Shooting ….

My heart is breaking along with the rest of America and the world over the senseless violence on Friday. The school shooting that occurred this past Friday is beyond the imagination of anyone. The horribly news, the terrifying description of the pain, anxiety, fear, and depression on the faces of those affected was heart wrenching to watch on T.V.              As a Christian my heart breaks, and my prayers go up for the family that is suffering through such tragedy of losing a child to this senseless and unexplainable act. I also pray for the minds and hearts of the first responders, the memories that have been formed in their mind from what they found as they went through the doors for the first time, for the children and teachers in the school that survived, but will forever be touched by this event. My prayer is simple “God grant them the presents of your Holy Spirit, and the helping and healing touch of your love, as you minister to their hearts and minds through this time.”  

How do I determine a successful Men’s Ministry event…

                I have been involved in pastoral ministry for over 30 years, and have been focusing on Ministering to Men for the past eight years.   Over those years I have seen several things work, and I have seen several others fall flat. However, what is interesting is that some ideas I implemented were successful in one place, and a failure somewhere else.   This difference in success from place to place can be found in the attitudes of the attendees and the opinions of the leaders.   As a leader I would sometimes view an event or activity as a failure or unproductive, but this may have been the farthest thing from the truth.                 I have spent a great deal of time looking at the activities and events I have encouraged men to partake in, trying to determine the success and flop of each. The only formula that I have come up with is what the Lord has laid on my heart. ·          Was the activity/event Christ centered?   Personally, this is the most important aspect.