Monday, September 3, 2012

Update on workbooks/study-guides published

I was recently asked how many workbooks/study-guides that we have published over the years @ Through HIM Ministries,.

Please keep in mind we will never know the total for a few reasons (1) a couple of sites that have our material,  keep no records of how many time the material is downloaded, (2) I have found our material on a couple of the websites that copy and publish material, which is fine. I say thank you for helping us get it out.  (3) In 2003 we published are first workbook “Christian coping with grief” with partly because of the way they kept a running total of the number of times our free workbooks/study-guides were downloaded.  Then without notice that service was gone from their website. They recently restored the service, but for nearly 5 years we don’t know the number of download.

However, we have used three additional sites (my objective is to make available to everyone) to get the information into as many folk’s hands as possible.  So here are the totals as best as we can tell, from the information we have today! Of the 47 workbooks we have published since 2003 there have been over 25,000 downloads or view, depending on how the site tracks them. Not including anything from

Through Him Ministries is a ministry dedicated to helping bring together theology and practicality in the church today. We provide material and resources in a number of ministry related subjects which will assist users in developing their own personal ministry and enhance the effectiveness of the local church.

We will continue to do this through writing workbooks/study-guides in a variety of topics such as pastoral theology, grief, addiction, coping with stress, men’s ministry, and other topics as God leaders. Check out website at for more information.

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