Tuesday, June 5, 2012

The Great Men Steak Out!

I have been involved in Ministering to Men for over nine years, and have been in pastoral ministry for over thirty years. One of the greatest events or outreaches I have been blessed to attend, and later help plan is the Great Men Steak Out. I was first introduced to the Steak Out at Milford Assembly of God by Pastor Les Sanders.
This event is awesome giving you a great opportunity to reach men not only within your church, but in the community. We start with a simple philosophy men love food, and especially steak. So we invite them to come to our steak out. We ask the men to bring a steak to grill (for those that don’t like steak they are free to bring chicken, fish, hamburger or even a hotdog) we set up a couple of grills, and start grilling.  The additional challenge to the Great Men Steak is to encourage the men attending to purchase a second steak and bring it along with their friend and share the evening with him.
This becomes a great time of fellowship, and fun as we stand around the grill talking then sitting at the table sharing stories and testimonies that challenge men to be unique in their Christian walk. Then there is the time to share, I believe that men are looking for the truth. They are looking for someone to be real, and someone that can help them understand the scripture in a simple practical way.
The Great Men Steak Out can be done in conjunction with other events, and is often best to have an activity on the same night. I have challenged our men in a horseshoe tournament, corn hole tournament, or we even host the Steak Out the night of a televised football, basketball, a hockey game giving the men the opportunity to cheer for their team. Where I’m from in the greater Cincinnati area we used the Cincinnati Bengal verses the Indianapolis Colts game. I’m sure you have a game that you are already thinking about.
The challenge for all of this is to make the Steak-Out relevant and insightful so the men know that they have been blessed, challenged, and encouraged. Good luck and may God bless you at your Great Church Steak-Out.

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