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Standing on the Banks of the Ohio River

I was recently standing on the banks of the Ohio River in the small town of Rising Sun, Indiana, where I live, and thinking of the folks of this quiet little community, with its population of only 2304. Of which 1139 males, it is one to those communities that you wished you had raised your kids in. As I watch the river flow, with the occasional barrage, and the big tree logs floating past. I often wonder what this city was like years ago. Stories abound that tell of it being one of the main stops on the Ohio River for the ferries, and barges, wood cutting mills, stores, and   an abundance of boarding houses.   I wonder about the men that lived here, worked in the mills, and jumped off the barges. I bet they were some really tough men. It’s only a small spot on the map and things change over time, I guess. But I have come to like it here.   I love it here in Rising Sun.   However, as I stand by the river wondering about those 1139 men, I would bet that less than 20 percent of them go

It’s Not About Hats, or Hair Length

The following post was written by a dear friend of Through HIM Ministries, Bro Jim Jenkins is Pastor of First Baptist Church in Rising Sun, Indiana (and is my wife's and mine pastor). Originally written for the website "He Restoreth my Soul" ... Bro Jim has agreed to allow us to publish here on our blog for you to be blessed. It’s Not About Hats, or Hair Length. After preaching a sermon from 1 Corinthians My friend Darlene Harris asked me to write an article on the roles of men and women. As we look at 1 Corinthians 11:2-16 we see some points that need to be understood in their proper biblical context.   When we understand what is being said, the apostle Paul makes a lot of sense.             What is Paul talking about in this passage?   Why is he worried about if ladies wear hats and how big they are?   Why is he so concerned that men don’t wear hats (or literally down from the head)?   Remember in the day in which Paul lived the non-Christians were in the majority a