Friday, December 16, 2011

We missed the debate of the Century!

Christopher Hitchens (1949-2011) has died to today at 62 years old, the self-proclaimed atheist with a passion to challenge the religious establishment across denominational, religious, and cultural lines. He is being exalted as a free thinker, honored as a humanitarian, remembered as a radical voice for the masses. He stood his ground for the beliefs he had, he made you stop and think about why you believed what you claim to believe, and he gave the Christian community something to criticize.
I will be honest I never agreed with Mr. Hitchens while he was alive about many things, and I sure did not agree with him about his position that God was a crutch, and figment of a weak mind, and those who believe in God where responsible for all the evils of the world.  However, I enjoyed watching him debate with those that believed they were his equal in intellect, and knowledge. He had a keen grasp of history, politics, and yes even religions. And the unique ability of making even the most educated person feel uncomfortable.
With all that said … (I know it could never have happened) I think the debate of the century would have been Christopher Hitchens, and fellow Englishman C. S. Lewis. For those that have never read C. S. Lewis, take time to read his awesome writings. Then compare them to what Christopher Hitchens wrote about God, and compare them both to the Scripture, and then let me know where you stand.
Sad to say good bye to such a great mind, writer, and challenger to the faith, but even harder to realize that he made a choice for eternity that will be forever wrong!

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