Saturday, December 31, 2011

Through HIM Ministry Yearly Report

2011 Through HIM Ministry Report &
2012 Through HIM Ministry Vision Summary

REPORT FOR 2011: This was a year of change for my family and I; We moved to a new town, we changed local churches & yes we even changed denominations, my wife and I became empty nesters with both our children off to college, my wife changed work schedules (for the better), and I became Men’s Ministry Director of our new local church. This does not include how awesome God was in blessing Through HIM Ministries this year.

With the help of four awesome men of God (Robert Harper, Gray Stanforth, Chuck Clevenger, and Ethan Allen) we formed a board for THM, the vision is to take the ministry to the next level of Ministry to Men over the next couple of years.  God has blessed me with some great opportunities this year; I preached for several friends of mine, hosted a Men’s conferences, spoke in breakout sessions at three men’s conferences this year, spoke at two local churches men’s retreats, spoke at three men’s breakfast/fellowships, and hosted one leadership training seminar. In addition to the speaking engagements this past year, we were also able to write an additional six workbooks/study-guides, and make regular post to our two blog sites. I was also given the privilege to assist five pastors (mentor) them in either developing or strengthening their local church Men’s Ministry.

VISION FOR 2012: I cannot wait to see what God is going to do; I was thinking this weekend, if I could have my vision or desire for THM and myself; it would be to host at least four Men’s Ministry Leadership Training Seminars this year,  to speak at least 12 churches, be a keynote speaker at least one Men’s Conferences, conduct breakout sessions for other men’s conferences, speak at men’s breakfast/fellowships and retreats throughout the year, continue to publish workbooks and study-guides that bless and encourage men, write relevant articles for our blog and other publishing outlets, and most importantly I’m asking God to give us 10 pastors/men’s leaders to encourage and assist in Ministering to their Men. We have also been asked to do an internet radio program on Men’s Issues, and related topic (this is in the planning stages now).
Please pray with us that God will use Through HIM Ministries and me and that God will use us as a tool/resource to assist pastors and men’s leaders to strengthen the men of their church to be the men of God in their family, church, and community. Pastor and friends if we can be of a blessing please let us know at  

Dr. Don Allen, Jr.

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