Friday, November 4, 2011

Five Essentials to Ministering to Men

How to have an Impactful Ministry to Men in your local church! Several years ago I was given the challenge of being the Men’s leader at a local church and the responsibility to take the lead in what would become the most challenging and rewarding ministry of my lifetime. In my experience I have found five essentials to Ministering to Men. These are the principles that I use daily as a Men’s Leader, and that teach in seminars throughout the Midwest. My prayer is that you will be blessed by these thoughts and encouraged in your ministry.
1.       Prayer: Prayer is the essential factor to the beginning and the continued success of any ministry; Ministering to Men is no different. I personally maintain a list of every man within our church and make it a point to pray for them weekly, dividing them over the Monday through Friday.  I pray for their personal needs, that they have wisdom in leading and being the spiritual head of their family, that they will continue to grow spiritually, and their testimony within the community will be that of a Godly man of Integrity.

2.       Purpose: If you don’t where you’re going, you will never get there.  As men’s ministry you have to decide if you’re going to be a breakfast club, just have activities, or a bible study; all of which are fine. However, clearly state your purpose for being. When I lead a Ministry to Men within a local church, my purpose is always the same:  develop men within their Christian walk to be the Man of God within their family, church, and community. Having a purpose gives you the direction and the ability to plan for the future.

3.       Plan: Plan for Success; men are generally leaders who plan for the success in their jobs. We plan our day, month, and year. We set goals and work at accomplishing them. Ministering to Men is no different; we need a plan.

4.       Person: The person who is in charge is responsible for the success or failure of Men’s Ministry within the local church I’m convinced that the main reason men’s ministry fail is the leadership, the individual who is in charge without a heart or vision for Men. The Man leading the this ministry needs to have three key factors in order to be successful as a Minister to Men:

1)      A desire to see men make a profession of faith in Christ.
2)      Educating and helping men become disciples of Christ of his word.
3)      Helping men to develop their skills and knowledge and to become active in serving Christ and their church.

5.       Pastor: Men’s Ministry is Lead by a Man within the church, and supported by the pastor. The pastor should not be the leader of the Men’s Ministry. The pastor needs to support the ministry, attend the fellowship events, share testimony of what God is doing in his life with the men, but be as just one of the men, learning and growing in his personal Christian walk.

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