Saturday, September 17, 2011

Men Advancing Through HIM

As I have ministered to men over the years, I’ve noticed that men truly genuinely want to succeed at work, with their families, in their churches and personal relationships, and yes, even in their personal walks with Christ. However, the struggle today is that we often don’t know how.  I believe today more than any other time in history it is essential that men learn to Advance Through HIM.  When an Army begins to go into battle, there is always a preparation stage. They cannot advance on the battlefield until the logistics are taken care. Sadly, today we have Men attempting to advance in the battle of life without all the prerequisite logistics being taken care of.
It is so important that we take the teaching of Him (Christ) and apply it to our lives so that we can advance in the battle of life and be victorious as Men of God! How do we do that?
First we must learn to spend quality time with HIM - through our devotion, prayer, and ministry time. Too many men struggle to find a quiet place of personal encounter with HIM. We have so many demands of our time, children’s events, PTA meetings, etc. However the saying is true: “A week with Christ makes one weak.” I encourage you to find that quiet place. Even if it is just 15 minutes reading your Bible and praying for your family – it will change your life.
Second. family is a very important key to every man’s success. If you have failed in the house you have failed in life. Men have one primary responsibility as a Father/Dad: to raise your children to love the Lord. I’m so blessed that both my children love the Lord and are active in ministry today. We accomplish this by have three factors in our family. We pray with our children. We attend church as a family.  And third, we serve God together with our kids.
Third, victorious men are committed to a local church. I’m so tired of hearing men say they don’t have time for church. We have time for soccer games, Sunday afternoon football, work, family functions, and dozens of other things. Paul told us clearly to “Forsake not the assembling of ourselves together.”  The church is the refueling station of life for our spiritual walk. Church is the place of fellowship where we learn and are challenged and encouraged. Making time for HIM is not always easy, but our priority for eternity must be to learn to be with HIM.
Fourth, do others in the community know you’re a Christian? If not, you need to re-evaluate things. What is your testimony? Do your words and actions accurately reflect Jesus? What is your purpose in the community? The answer is quite simple. We are to be an example of HIM (Christ) and bring people to HIM.  When people see you do they see HIM or just another neighbor?
Fifth, what do you talk about at the water cooler at work? Do you talk about the latest rumor, the new staff member, the boss, or do you talk about HIM (Christ)?  I’m not talking about cramming religion down someone’s throat, but simply sharing what Christ is doing in your life.
Why do we fail in Advancing Christ? Very simply, we fail to do two areas. We fail to do the necessary preparation. We don’t study the logistic plan book (The BIBLE). Secondly, we don’t execute the battle plan (the Great Commission)! The Great Commission commands us to share the Good News of what Christ did on Calvary with everybody I can. I will miss those opportunities if I am focused too much on other things.
I love to read history, especially biographies, and I have noticed that almost all victories in war were not won by chance, or a twist of fate; they were won by superior logistics. Battles are won with all the right tools, the right people, the right planning, and the correct execution of the plan at the proper time. Those are the ingredients of a winning battle plan. They are also the keys to success in life. The right time to spend time with your family, church, talking to a member in the community, or praying, is not on your death bed … It is NOW!
Let’s ADVANCE for HIM and with HIM … and at the same time bring as many people along as we can!

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