Friday, May 6, 2011

Zachariah ... Man of Intensity

Zachariah … the father of John the Baptist:

Luke 1: 5 - 25

            This gentleman is clearly a cornerstone of what it is to be a Man of Intensity for God.  He has spent his life serving God, daily in the temple. He new the Law of Moses as well as anybody, and expected God to fulfill the promises of the Old Testament about a coming Messiah.  However, like most of us he did not expect to be a part of the promise.
            As you read the unfolding of this great man encounter with God (the angel of the Lord), you realize that his relationship to God was special.  He had a heart to seek after the righteousness of God. However, he also was skeptical as many of us are especially when the Angel of the Lord told him that his barren (couldn’t have children) wife, who was also old, was going to have a child.
            I believe that even today as there was with Zachariah, there is an expectation from God when he blesses each of us with the miracle of having a child.  As Men of Intensity, we need to take a serious look at the expectation.
*      We have an obligation to teach the child of the things of God.
*      We have an obligation to meet that child needs daily.
*      We have an obligation to provide safety for that child

Zachariah met these needs of his son John and history clearly shows us the world was blessed by the conviction, teaching, and encouragement that Zachariah bestowed to his son.

As I close today … What conviction, teaching and encouragement have you bestowed into your child’s life this week?      

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