Friday, May 27, 2011



            The story of Jarius begins in Mark 5: 21 – 24 where this leader of the synagogue a man of intensity, and integrity comes asking Jesus to help his daughter. His daughter is sick and is going to die unless God does something. The story has a brief interruption, as Jesus heals the women with the issue of blood, and returns to the conversation between Jarius and Jesus in verse 35 – 43.  However, at this point Jarius is informed that it is too late and he should leave Jesus alone.  His daughter is dead.
            I love this Man of Intensity heart, I believe that his look to Jesus said it all “Please no” … and Jesus responded “Don’t be afraid, just believe” and as we progress with the story in verse 42 Jesus spoke and the girl stood up and walked around.  It say’s they were completely astonished. I’m not sure about you but I would be astonished too.

            Maybe our prayer should be “God don’t let me astonished by your miracles, let expect them daily”

Reflecting on scripture!

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