Friday, May 13, 2011

Andrew ... Man of Intesity

Apostle Andrew …

            The first of the Twelve Apostles, and outside of the list of the Twelve and the few times he is mentioned with his brother Peter he is only mentioned three times.  However, what is significant about this Man of Intensity is that when mentioned he is doing the same thing every time.  He is bringing someone to a personal relationship with Christ (in the church today we call it “Soul winning”). Notice the three references to Andrew outside of the being mention with the other apostles.

´        John 1:41 … Andrew found his brother Peter and brought him to a personal relationship with Christ.
´        John 6: 1-14 … Andrew found a young boy with food, to feed the five thousands.  However, my personal belief is that Andrew was more concerned about the young meeting Jesus than feeding the people.
´        John 12: 20-26 … Andrew brings the Greeks to meet Jesus, after others were reluctant to do so.

It is clear that Andrew was a Man of Intensity and had a heart to see individuals come to Christ in a personal way.  It was true back then that more people are going to Christ through the personal interaction of one individual than all the televangelist, and pastor combined. 

A closing thought or question … Who is on your list to bring to Christ, and what have you been doing to get them?

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