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Men of Intensity: Stephen

Stephen             Stephen had the unique opportunity to be first at a couple of things. Looking at the comments made about him in Scripture, I’m not sure he minded being the first at either.               He was chosen by the church of Jerusalem to serve as one of the first deacons. Deacons were gifted men who willingly helped the pastors/apostles handle what some would call the mundane jobs in the church – waiting on tables, visiting the shut-ins and maybe even cleaning up after the church event.             However, just a short time later, we find Deacon Stephen preaching.   (Deacons, just like every other member in the church, are to be active sharing their faith.) People didn’t like his message.   Doesn’t that sound familiar even in today’s world? The Scripture says they took him and stoned him for the message he preached.             Not only was Stephen one of the first deacons, he was also the very first Martyr for Christ. He knelt as a Man of Intensity for his faith and p

Men of Intensity: Jarius

Jarius             The story of Jarius begins in Mark 5: 21 – 24 where this leader of the synagogue a man of intensity, and integrity comes asking Jesus to help his daughter. His daughter is sick and is going to die unless God does something. The story has a brief interruption, as Jesus heals the women with the issue of blood, and returns to the conversation between Jarius and Jesus in verse 35 – 43.   However, at this point Jarius is informed that it is too late and he should leave Jesus alone.   His daughter is dead.             I love this Man of Intensity heart, I believe that his look to Jesus said it all “Please no” … and Jesus responded “Don’t be afraid, just believe” and as we progress with the story in verse 42 Jesus spoke and the girl stood up and walked around.   It say’s they were completely astonished. I’m not sure about you but I would be astonished too.             Maybe our prayer should be “God don’t let me astonished by your miracles, let expect them daily”

Men of Intensity: John

Apostle John …             It is often believed by most scholars that John was the youngest of the twelve disciples, and the one often referred to as the one Jesus loved some place John at about 15 years old when Jesus called him.   I can personally relate to this, because my personal call to the ministry came at age 13, and like John I have never looked back on that call.             John was going to have an opportunity to see it all the teaching of Jesus both in a small group with the disciples, and the large grow do thousands, kneeling in front of the cross as his savior died, looking at in the empty tomb seeing the angels who proclaimed HE is alive, to watching Jesus ascending into heaven 40 days later, to the founding of the church, and out-pouring of the Holy Spirit.             As I look at this individual story his conviction to stand firm in his belief that his friend Jesus, was truly the Son of the Living God and Savior. He even was faithful in the boiling oil, and exile to

Men of Intensity: Andrew

Apostle Andrew …             The first of the Twelve Apostles, and outside of the list of the Twelve and the few times he is mentioned with his brother Peter he is only mentioned three times.   However, what is significant about this Man of Intensity is that when mentioned he is doing the same thing every time.   He is bringing someone to a personal relationship with Christ (in the church today we call it “Soul winning”). Notice the three references to Andrew outside of the being mention with the other apostles. ´         John 1:41 … Andrew found his brother Peter and brought him to a personal relationship with Christ. ´         John 6: 1-14 … Andrew found a young boy with food, to feed the five thousands.   However, my personal belief is that Andrew was more concerned about the young meeting Jesus than feeding the people. ´         John 12: 20-26 … Andrew brings the Greeks to meet Jesus, after others were reluctant to do so. It is clear that Andrew was a Man of Intensity and had a

Men of Intensity: Zachariah

Zachariah … the father of John the Baptist : Luke 1: 5 - 25             This gentleman is clearly a cornerstone of what it is to be a Man of Intensity for God.   He has spent his life serving God, daily in the temple. He new the Law of Moses as well as anybody, and expected God to fulfill the promises of the Old Testament about a coming Messiah.   However, like most of us he did not expect to be a part of the promise.             As you read the unfolding of this great man encounter with God (the angel of the Lord), you realize that his relationship to God was special.   He had a heart to seek after the righteousness of God. However, he also was skeptical as many of us are especially when the Angel of the Lord told him that his barren (couldn’t have children) wife, who was also old, was going to have a child.             I believe that even today as there was with Zachariah, there is an expectation from God when he blesses each of us with the miracle of having a child.   As Men of In