Friday, April 22, 2011

Good Friday

As I sit tonight and reflect on today (Good Friday)  I understand that it was actually the greatest day in history, because it was this day that settled the fact for each of us that we can know without a doubt we are loved and THROUGH HIM we will spend eternity in heaven... Thank you Jesus for loving me so much!
A preacher I once heard preached, the pastor said “it is Friday, Jesus died, Jesus paid for my sin, and Jesus showed how much he loved me! BUT SUNDAY IS COMING, Jesus will defeat the devil, Jesus will prove he is God, and Jesus will seal our salvation experience” I don’t know if is this direct quote … but we get the idea.
From today (Good Friday) through Sunday (Easter) … everything about our salvation experience comes to light … Jesus love me and you, and paid for our sin, and, sealed us till day that he comes if we will love him with all our heart!
I wish you all a wonderful Good Friday and a fabulous Happy Easter … May your relationship with Christ be so wonderful that you know that you will be raised to heaven to spend eternity with him.

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