Saturday, March 26, 2011


The Man Thing …

Introduction: Men have a vision of what it is to be a man, it is based on three separate but unique philosophies, and the goal is to see what make us the Man we are! The MAN THING!

1)                  The World philosophy
·         Success
·         Fame/Recognition
·         Power/Authority
·         Money

   Every man is looking for Success, fame, and power it is apart of our normal male makeup.
Ø  From the gang member wanting to be the leader of the gang, to his talking about the number of people he has killed.
Ø  To the office worker looking for the next promotion, to all the display of accomplishment on the wall in our office.
Ø  To toys in our driveway, we want success and people to know we are successful.

2)                  The Churches philosophy
·         Teaching/Preaching
·         Active at something within the church
·         Controlling
·         Leadership

   The church philosophy is simple, walk and talk like me! Unfortunately we are not always the best example or nor men getting the best example from us. We are taught your not a good Christian unless you can sing in the choir, teach a small group, pray in public, and sit at least two boards.

The one we should be striving for!

3)                  God’s philosophy
·         Humble
·         Teachable
·         Useable
·         Lead able
·         Praying
·         Accountable

Great example of the Man Thing is found in
Luke 5: 17-26 ….

Four (4) unique men where present, the same time of men present in our church, community, and families today!

1)                  A man (the paralytic) that needed a touch from God …
2)                  A man (the friends) that wanted to see another man blessed …
3)                  A man (the Pharisees – religious fool’s) that wanted to judge and criticize what God was doing …
4)                  A Man (Jesus) that wanted to touch every man present …

The Invitation Question!

Which one are you? …. We know that we are not going ever to be Christ, so which one?

Needing a touch?
Wanting to be a blessing?
A religious fool, and missing it all?

Reflecting on scripture!

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