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The Man Thing … Introduction: Men have a vision of what it is to be a man, it is based on three separate but unique philosophies, and the goal is to see what make us the Man we are! The MAN THING! 1)                   The World philosophy ·          Success ·          Fame/Recognition ·          Power/Authority ·          Money □    Every man is looking for Success, fame, and power it is apart of our normal male makeup. Ø   From the gang member wanting to be the leader of the gang, to his talking about the number of people he has killed. Ø   To the office worker looking for the next promotion, to all the display of accomplishment on the wall in our office. Ø   To toys in our driveway, we want success and people to know we are successful. 2)                   The Churches philosophy ·          Teaching/Preaching ·          Active at something within the church ·          Controlling ·          Leadership □    The church philosophy is simple, walk and talk like me! Unfortunately w