Monday, February 14, 2011

What’s it going to take to really evangelize and disciple men for Christ?

What’s it going to take to really evangelize and disciple men for Christ?

            I recently spent some time with half a dozen men’s ministry leaders and we all had an opinion of what it would take to evangelize and disciple our current generation of men. Each of us had various opinions and I noticed those opinions were based on our own personal perceptions.
            For example, my perception is that we need to educate individual men and draw them into a conversation about how their lives could be better in this walk with Christ. Of course, those who know me understand that I have a pastor/teacher’s heart and I feel strongly about education.  A friend who was with me felt strongly that we need to bring men into a more personal and closer relationship with Christ. That is, if we just get them to feel Christ and commune with HIM, Christ would have them.
            A third man talked about sports and using sports to connect men with the church.  And others spoke about family and helping men with their family relationships. Still others talked about generational concerns; what it takes to reach 18-30 year-olds and how they differ from the preceding generations.
            As I walked out of that meeting, I had only one clear conclusion: No one has a perfect plan of what it’s going to take to reach our generation of men. But one thing is certain – it is going to take every man who already has a personal relationship with Jesus Christ to share their faith and bring a friend (man) with them into that faith and then take time to disciple that new believer to an even greater faith in Christ.

            We can’t do it alone, but we can all have a part in reaching MEN for CHRIST!

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