Monday, February 14, 2011

I want to be like Gideon, as  man in my family, church, and community!

Gideon Man of Change

Judges 6:1-7:25

I.      Gideon had an encounter with the Lord.
A.   They developed a relationship
B.    Gideon learned to trust the Lord
C.    Gideon was willing to talk to him

II.   Gideon was commissioned for a task.
A.   This task required sacrifice
B.    This task required commitment
C.    This task required him to forsake others

III. Gideon was open to God’s plan.
A.   He heard the Lord and followed direction
B.    Called together Gods Army
C.  Sent those that were scared home
D .Took his Army of God to fight a Giant  (This battle is not Gideons, it was the Lord)

IV. Gideon showed the light.
A.   It was a bright light that shown through.
            (Children Song:  This little light of my……)
B.    They broke the     

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