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Is the Holy Spirit in Residence?

Is the Holy Spirit in Residence? There is POWER in Acts 1:8 …. It reveals a awesome force that a great majority of our Christian counter parts are missing in their very lives.    That is the very presence and power of   the Holy Spirit.    We find that God in his form of the Trinity allowed each personage of God to take on the role of a specific part of the human race.    God fortold itin Joel 2:28-32) I.     God the Father planned our existence and salvation. II.   God the Son willingly laid down his life for our salvation III. God the Holy Spirit took up residence in our life, and keeps out the burglar.   (I Peter 5:8 …   “Be sober, be vigilant; because your adversary the devil, as a roaring lion, walketh about, about seeking whom he may devour ) A. The Holy Spirit stands there in the door and sounds the alarm and set of the warning (conviction)   B.   Sealed us…. (Eph. 1:13 and 14)   This is the Holy Spirit give us assurance of God’s ownership of our lives.   He holds the deed to

Notes On Job

I was given the chance to speak recently at LifeChurch West Chester, Ohio Men's Prayer breakfast we had a great … here is a copy of my outline thought I would share it with you! How would this story play out if you were job! Job 1:8 Three distinct individuals involved in this story! WHAT IS IRONIC! THIS STORY IS PLAYED OUT MILLIONS OF TIMES EVERYDAY THROUGHOUT THE WORLD …        I.             The Devil came to accuse and destroy the testimony of men before God! ·          We need to remember it is his job, and he is good at it. ·          We need to remember it is not that hard to destroy the testimony of an individual if they are not diligent in their Christian walk. § Testimonies are destroyed by what people see, hear, and believe about us.      II.             God   stood watching over the righteous ·          We see him listening to the reports of the righteous ·          The Son of God, most scholars believe that this was the angels in heaven that came to worship and p

Heart Broken

Heart Broken … As a parent (father) I was Heart broken over the weekend to hear the news of two separate events were fathers killed their children.   When you read or hear the news it often seems so remote and far away, but this weekend it hit close to home. With the events in Mason, it was like getting kicked in the stomach.   I personally never met the family to my knowledge, and know nothing of the circumstance in their home life. As many of you know I work as an Alcohol and Drug counselor for the State of Ohio mental health system, and deal with individuals that for various reasons make bad choices some because they have serious mental illness, for other they are criminals and believe they can do what they want.   As I said I don’t know this father that committed the violent act over the weekend.   However, one thing that is for sure something is wrong with his thinking what ever it was. I’m personally not a big fan of Sigmund Freud. However this quote is as true for us as fath

Running For the Cross

Having been involved with Pastoral Ministry for over 30 years it is hard to imagine doing anything else with the same intensity and compassion.   Over the years I have worked as a Substance Abuse Counselor with various agencies to subsidies my income, but the love I have for preaching and the Gospel far over-shadows my other skills and abilities. My pastor as I grew up was Dr. Don Lougheed at the Flint Baptist Temple, in Burton, Michigan. His statement to all the young preachers he knew was the same:  “No matter where you start your sermon in scripture,  your only priority is to run for the Cross!” Dr. Don said it with such compassion, and he believed that the Cross was the central point of every conversation, every sermon, and every thought he had. I once heard the illustration and do not know where it originated: “Before the foundation of the earth the Triune Godhead was talking about the creation of earth, mankind, and what this man should be like.   Should he have a free-will, be

Saving Private Ryan

Written by a very dear friend of mine, Chuck Clevenger, who gave me permission to post it here for you!      Saving Private Ryan is one of the greatest movies ever made. While the extremely realistic portrayal of war-time violence is often the first thing that comes to mind, this is a movie that has something to say at many levels.   [Warning, if you haven't seen this movie, spoilers are coming.]      Three brothers are killed in World War II and their mother gets notified of all three deaths on the same day. The Army decides to send the fourth brother, Private James Ryan, back home so that the Ryan's family won't suffer a fourth casualty.      Captain Miller (played by Tom Hanks) leads a group of 7 men to go behind enemy lines, locate Private Ryan and bring him home.      Finding Private Ryan is a daunting task. The men survive many brutal encounters with the enemy, but finally succeed in locating Ryan. Their last task is to hold their position in a small French town i

What’s It Going to Take?

What’s it going to take to really evangelize and disciple men for Christ?             I recently spent some time with half a dozen men’s ministry leaders and we all had an opinion of what it would take to evangelize and disciple our current generation of men. Each of us had various opinions and I noticed those opinions were based on our own personal perceptions.             For example, my perception is that we need to educate individual men and draw them into a conversation about how their lives could be better in this walk with Christ. Of course, those who know me understand that I have a pastor/teacher’s heart and I feel strongly about education.   A friend who was with me felt strongly that we need to bring men into a more personal and closer relationship with Christ. That is, if we just get them to feel Christ and commune with HIM, Christ would have them.             A third man talked about sports and using sports to connect men with the church.   And others spoke about family

God Desires Radical M.E.N.

God Desires  Radical Men           Clearly today God is looking for Radical Men to stand in the gap.   This requires men to take a stand in areas that may not be comfortable and definitely will not be popular. To be this type of men, our responsibilities include: M inistering to the lost. E ncouraging the saints. N avigating Scripture.

Do We Give Wise C.O.U.N.S.E.L.?

AS MEN, DO WE GIVE WISE COUNSEL TO OUR FAMILY, FRIENDS, AND THOSE SEEKING OUR ADVISE? THE FOLLOWING OUTLINE MAYBE OF HELP TO YOU! C-     Care about the person's wellbeing   Know your motive for counseling this person   Give them your attention!   Listen to them!    O-     Observe There Need   Don’t assume you know the need   Be patient as you observe, don't rush to judgement   Attempt to meet the need U-     Understand Your Responsibility   Teach them   Encourage them   Pray for them N-     Never Forget Who You Serve   Christ is first and foremost!!! S-      Stay Within Your Limits   Don’t give advice outside of your scope of knowledge E-     Evangelize them   Share the Gospel in a clear way L-     Love Them Where They  Are   Don’t expect them to conform to your opinion   Give them God’s opinion

Heaven's Saints vs. Hell’s Demons

Heaven's Saints vs. Hell’s Demons The writer George Wills wrote once that: “Football contains the two things Christians dislike the most:   Violence and Committee Meetings” The Heaven's Saints:       The Owner                     God the Father       The Coach                     God the Son (Jesus)       The Defensive and Offensive Coordinator:                     God the Holy Spirit       ALL PLAYERS ARE BOUGHT BY THE BLOOD OF THE LAMB       The Quarterback …Pastor       The Receivers … those listening to the WORD       The Running Backs… any saint willing to carry the Gospel Hell’s Demons:       The owner                     Devil himself       The coach                     also the Devil himself       The coordinator                     again the devil       The Player                     Anybody deceived by the Devil. GREAT NEWS IS THAT THE SAINTS ARE LOOKING FOR NEW PLAYERS: The winning game plan:       Run with the Gospel to every individual we can.       Study